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Past Training Activities
Training on Preventing Radicalization and Extremism Leading to Terrorism – Nigeria

This will be the eighth training under CCCPA's PRELT program. The course was developed by the Cairo Center and is the first of its kind in Africa. CCCPA's unique approach to preventing radicalization and extremism leading to terrorism is grounded in the tolerant teachings of Islamic Sharia. As such, the training aims to equip local leaders with the necessary knowledge and skill sets to refute extremist ideologies and narratives and to develop alternative, positive and inclusive narratives and messages, based on the tolerant teachings of Islamic Sharia. 
Teaching Method/Learning Objectives

The training is based on interactive and practical group work. It covers a wide variety of topics, including understanding the context of radicalization and extremism by utilizing conflict analysis tools; ethics of war and peace in Islam; understanding how terrorist organizations frame conflict through narratives and messages; and exploring the individual pathways to terrorism. 
Target Group

This training focuses on empowering 15 local Nigerian leaders and influencers (religious, tribal, women, and youth leaders) to prevent radicalization and recruitment to terrorist organizations in their communities.
Although the current scope of the training remains on Nigeria and Somalia, CCCPA is planning to expand the geographic scope of the training to include other affected regions in the African continent, namely North Africa, and the Sahel and Sahara regions. 


This training is funded by the Japanese Government as part of the ongoing UNDP project “Consolidating Peace, Security and Stability in Africa III – 2017-2018”. 

Cairo, Egypt
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Tribute to the Fallen Heros

The Cairo Center pays tribute to the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for the cause of peace. We celebrate their courage and dedication, while honoring their sacrifice.