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Training Strategy
The nature of conflict is changing. As a result, the training needs of peacekeepers and peacebuilders are rapidly evolving and exponentially widening. To meet the wide range of training needs of tens of thousands of African peacekeepers and peacebuilders, CCCPA adopts the following six-point strategy:
Formulation, Harmonization and Application of Training Standards
CCCPA is an active participant in various international and regional efforts to formulate and harmonize training standards. Effective oversight, monitoring and evaluation tools applied ensure that those world-class standards are met across all training activities.
Integrated Multidimensional Approach to Training
Towards Effective Implementation of UN-imposed Arms Embargoes in Africa – Institute for Security Studies Nov
Leveraging Technology
Basic Training
Fundamental courses are offered in each thematic area covered by CCCPA to junior level professionals of various backgrounds. They provide the participant with basic knowledge and guidelines, exercises, case studies and basic tools to allow them to carry out their respective daily functions.
Advanced Training
Advanced courses are offered in each thematic area covered by CCCPA to middle and senior level professionals of various backgrounds. The courses aim at addressing more specific topics in more detail to enhance the skills needed by professionals to help them in their daily work.
Training of Trainers (ToT)
The Training of Trainers (ToT) is designed for professionals with subject matter experience, with or without previous experience in training delivery. The goal of the training is to give new trainers interactive training techniques, background knowledge, skills and practical experience required to conduct a training program in a specific area to a specific audience or target group.